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Brief History

INPACK is a family company with 30yrs tradition and a pioneer of various manufacturing technologies in Greece. It has a multidimensional profile. From consulting up to machine production the company has a great variety of finished projects to exhibit. The company at its bases is a highly developed workshop introduced with a design and development center capable of processing any project within almost any manufacturing sector. Pioneers on IML technologies in Greece the company is well ahead at robotic applications and automation machines. Our know-how is the result of well proportioned experiences, in which the operating in quality guarantee has played the most vital role.

Our basic values are:

-Customer focusing is our first priority

Inpack solves problems using a great deal of common sense. Our employees are capable of placing themselves in a customer's position, understanding his needs, grasping a problem in its entirety and devising solutions that are tailor-made to fit the customer's requirements. Even if they're unconventional.

-Extensive experience and flexibility

We have wide experience with the most varied types of machines and techniques in the plastics industry, such as IML feeders and robots. This knowledge, based on our long-time activity in the paper industry, enables us to act competently, rapidly and efficiently in developing new machinery or in adapting or upgrading existing equipment.

-Inventiveness and pioneering spirit

A considerable part of our activity is devoted to the development and improvement of our robots. All the know-how that goes into development and production stages - from computer-aided design to the test run in our own production facilities - is our own. Inpack robots have often been copied but rarely equalled.

-Intelligent designs

We offer reliable products with excellent price/performance ratios at superior quality. Our robots excel especially in precision, speed (cycle), durability, stability, low maintenance, safety (ergonomics) and security of investment.

-Quality management

Regular workshops sensitize all our departments to workflow optimization, essential in early detection and elimination of any quality defects. Know-how transfer plays a vital part in our company. Flat hierarchies ensure short reaction times. Our employees take extensive responsibilities, which encourages quality-conscious and economical thinking.